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FoolFuuka 2.1.0

Here it is! After just a little over three years of on-and-off development, we can proudly announce our very first official stable release of FoolFuuka. Even though previous versions have been available with limited documentation and support for quite some time, we never considered them as production quality releases compared to this release.
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FoolSlide 0.8.18

We have been a bit too trigger happy with all of the recent FoolSlide updates. This is simply a maintenance release which fixes some of the issues that remain or introduced in our previous release. These modifications should have been included in 0.8.17, but we didn’t encounter some of these issues until a few hours ago.
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FoolSlide 0.8.17

Despite this release, FoolSlide is still under a feature-freeze. There were a few things that we wanted to complete and needed to commit/push to our repository before stopping again. We didn’t want to leave it on our local development workstation and forget what the modifications did to the software (which happens after not looking at the code for months).
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