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Archive Storage Grids Trial – Part 1

In order to push the plan forward a bit, we are now holding some experimental trials for two boards: /co/ and /v/. We have included one of the boards whose users have complained on multiple occasions about the lack of full image archival and one of the boards that is subject to a massive amount of DMCA takedown requests. Anyway, this will allow us to gauge the amount of interest in this plan and determine if we should actually proceed with full force.
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Archive Statistics (June 2013)

The last time we bothered to generate statistics for the archive was last November. It has been quite some time since then and we have made a number of changes to the database as well.

We have added a few columns and started to store some integers regarding the post deletion time on the archive boards. This would have added a few bytes for every post stored in the tables. However, we recently converted all of our tables from InnoDB to TokuDB. Due to this change, all of our tables were compressed with TokuDB’s standard compression. This resulted in having a smaller database that would fit nicely on our SSD RAID-1.

We will be providing our old statistics for reference and a table containing our new statistics below.
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