Terms and Conditions of Donations

Draft: 1.0.2   Date: 2014-08-05
We WANT to be specifically clear that we DO NOT want to build or provide a service that relies solely on donations. However, we WILL consider donations as a "Thank You" for any service we have provided you. We MAY use your donations for day-to-day expenses, but it WILL BE USED to primarily cover all server costs incurred. Currently, the only form of donations we WILL ACCEPT is with BitCoin (BTC). Furthermore, we WILL REFUND any BitCoin donations up to 72h of the initial donation confirmation upon request.
If you STILL INTEND to donate, please read our following terms:

We MAY use donations to:
- pay upfront costs for additional services
- fund our ongoing and future projects
- cover everyday expenses

We WILL NOT use donations to:
- fulfill requests that goes against our decisions

We WILL continue to have full authority on all decisions on all services provided, such as:
- moderating content as we deem fit
- disable access to content as we deem fit
- add or remove features as we deem fit

Donations DO NOT entitle you to any special treatment, such as:
- influencing our moderation
- fulfilling your every needs

We WILL NOT be removing Ads, because:
- it is our primary source of CONSISTENT income for server costs
- donations are CONSIDERED short-term and INCONSISTENT

Donations WILL NOT guarantee 100% service uptime nor lifetime service provided:
- downtimes will occur at any given time due to many factors
- we MAY stop providing our service at any given time

How do I get BitCoin (BTC) to donate with?

There are a number of BitCoin exchanges that allow you to purchase, send, and receive BTC. However, most of them only operate in certain countries. You can find a list of exchanges available in your region at howtobuybitcoins.info.