FoolSlide Changelog

FoolSlide 0.8.19

CHANGELOG: 2013.09.10 (c46f8c9a5)
+added memochou theme by dHEKU
%fixed /install route
%fixed minor display issue with emails/date

FoolSlide 0.8.18

CHANGELOG: 2013.09.09 (162bbc8c3)
+added volume download option
%fixed chapter/volume archive creation
%fixed check/repair library function
^updated series view

FoolSlide 0.8.17

CHANGELOG: 2013.09.08 (f2267b087)
+added author/artist field
+added slideshow panel link
%fixed adult notice checkbox
%fixed browser scaling issue
-removed /reader from url
#replaced reference urls to correct locations
@rewrote archive download system
^updated date display
^updated download icon
^updated series view

FoolSlide 0.8.16

CHANGELOG: 2013.08.22 (6ad79c36a)
%fixed page removal

FoolSlide 0.8.15

CHANGELOG: 2013.08.21 (538ca407b)
+added webtoon view
%fixed object warning display
^updated archive download file structure
^updated database schema
^updated to support PHP 5.3+