FoolFuuka Changelog

FoolFuuka 2.0.0-dev

CHANGELOG: 2014.05.??
+added data objects
+added hhvm support
+added missing search exception
+added missing sticky/locked icons to partial views
+added option for full image archive flag
+added option to set imagemagick path
+added response streaming
+added sticky filter to search
%fixed api end-points
%fixed image deletion logic
%fixed incorrect variable names
%fixed link to original content
%fixed radio options in search
%fixed thread deletion logic
-removed FuelPHP
-removed reports location
-removed static plugin methods
-removed unused extra table
#replaced \Str:: calls
@rewrote context interface
^updated all plugins
^updated backlinks logic
^updated sphinxql calls
^updated themes
^updated to PSR-4

FoolFuuka 1.7.3-dev

CHANGELOG: 2013.08.??
+added dependency injection
+added legacy classes
+added sticky/locked
%fixed db prefix
%fixed image redirection
%fixed post deletion
%fixed spinner js
-removed comment validation when posting media
-removed media reporting
-removed static classes
#replaced auth system
@rewrote context interface
@rewrote controllers
^updated all plugins
^updated response headers for api

FoolFuuka 1.7.2

CHANGELOG: 2013.08.02 (bfd9349c2)
+added last-modified/etag headers for local cache
+added media upload hook
+added postgresql support
+added search api end-point
+added search parameter for unique id
+added support for timestamp deleted
%fixed board statistics table generation
%fixed board statistics user online data
%fixed datetime conversions
%fixed media reposting
-removed comment insertion loop
#replaced http abstraction layer
#replaced logger
#replaced mailer
#replaced password hashing
#replaced profiler
#replaced routing system
#replaced validation system
@rewrote intl function
@rewrote thread/post deletion
^updated articles plugin
^updated database schema

FoolFuuka 1.7.0-beta

CHANGELOG: 2013.06.06 (177637eb8)
!beta release