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Rebuilding Our Network – Part 4

I think we are finally done restructuring our entire network (for now). There are a few IPv6 that need to be resolved on our front-ends, but that should really be it for now. I would like to relocate our search daemon and place it on its own dedicated hardware to minimize some of our ongoing issues, but we lack the budget to fulfill that objective. However, there is a possibility of that changing in the future though. We will have to deal with the random service interruptions caused by the search daemon until then.
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Unexpected Backend Downtime

We just had an unexpected downtime due to our database server being inaccessible and unresponsive. It appears that we only lost connectivity with it for approximately an hour so hopefully nothing much happened. Anyway, our system logs doesn’t contain anything that would explain the network inaccessibility, but I will continue to look into the incident.

Server Migration – Part 2: Content Server

We have begun the transferring process of all content to our new content server Flonne. This will take us a very long time to complete so users should expect that content may be unavailable for the time being until it is synced over. Anyway, I won’t be providing a table of what is completely transferred or not since it is automated this time around. However, we will provide an update as to when the entire process is done.
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Rebuilding Our Network – Part 2

It’s ALL GOOD! We were able to gather enough funds (by the staff) to push forward with our plans of upgrading our outdated servers! It will take some time, but I will try my best to minimize the amount of downtime as much as possible. I can’t guarantee that it won’t go off without a hitch though. It is never easy migrating a large amount of data.
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Rebuilding Our Network – STALLED

I had initially planned to do some major changes to our backend infrastructure/network, but those plans fell through when the money was no longer available. No, it wasn’t because the money was stolen by some shifty staff member (since it is ONLY accessible to administrators). It was because the advertising company we used (VVM) is shutting down and won’t be paying us the full amount listed in our account. However, we were able to squeeze a small portion of the amount owed to us to cover some of the monthly expenses before they closed our account. I still haven’t seen any type of public announcement made by them that they would be shutting down either. Anyway, this will stall almost all of our plans to improve the quality of our services, but we have finally decided to make some minor changes as to how we run things here at Foolz.
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