FoolFuuka Plugins

In our recent release of FoolFuuka, you might have noticed that we’ve started to remove a number of plugins from the source code. I would like to state that this pattern will continue until all of the plugins have been removed from both the FoolFuuka and FoolFrame repositories.


It makes perfect sense for us to decouple them from the source code for development concerns. This process will allow us to actually provide updates to each plugin at any given time without requiring us to ship a new release of FoolFuuka to fix or update something so small. This would also allow us to version plugins properly as well.

With this planned, we will have all of the plugins decoupled in FoolFuuka 2.2.0.

What plugins are still currently bundled with FoolFuuka?

  • Board Statistics
    Generates several different statistics for each board.
  • Dice
    Generates rolls that are prepended to the comment.
  • GeoIP Region Locks
    Performs various regional restrictions based on Geo IP locations.
  • Gifsicle
    Optimizes GIF thumbnails.
    Note: We plan to deprecate and remove this plugin the next version, since it has very little use cases and does not provide any benefits.

What plugins were removed from FoolFuuka?

  • Nginx Cache Purge
    This is decoupled from the FoolFuuka source code.
  • SOPA Spoiler Patch
    This is a very specific plugin that has very specific use case that applies to a small subset of users.
  • SSL Tools 
    We came to the conclusion that this plugin was bloatware. SSL logic should be handled by the browsers and web servers instead. The software should not handle it for users at all.

What plugins are currently available?

  • ATS Cache Purge
    Purges content from the Apache Traffic Server cache when media content is deleted.
  • Board Banners
    Enables the displays of banners for each board.
  • File Upload: WebM Support
    Allows the upload of WebM files. It requires avconv/FFmpeg and FFprobe.
  • NAS Media Purge
    Allows FoolFuuka to delete content on different servers and/or drives. This is often used in conjunction with various other tools to store media files in different locations and to delete content properly. It requires Redis.
  • Nginx Cache Purge
    Purges content from the Nginx cache when media content is deleted. It requires ngx_cache_purge to be compiled with Nginx.
  • Quests
    Provides an interface for Quests.
    Note: This is still a work-in-progress and only provides a simple interface. There are plans to have a fully functional Quests interface that allows: tagging, voting, etc.
  • Spam Guard
    Protects FoolFuuka installations from spam. It utilizes Akismet and StopForumSpam to minimize the amount of spam made on each board.
  • URI Media Purge
    Allows administrators and moderators to delete content by providing the URI to the file. It is often used to deal with take-down notices that only provide links to the questionable content.

Where can I get them?

Currently, they can only be obtained through our GitLab installation at: FoolFuuka Plugins. We will mirror a copy of the repositories onto GitHub at a much later date.

How would I install ____ plugin again?

It’s quite simple. You would only need to do the following steps to install the plugins again:

 $ mkdir app/foolz/foolfuuka/plugins/foolz/
 $ cd app/foolz/foolfuuka/plugins/foolz/
 $ git clone <plugin>

Could I create my own plugins?

Yes. We’ve designed FoolFuuka functionality to be extendable with plugins. The documentation has also been updated with the list of software hooks available for usage as well. We will continue to implement additional software hooks along the way too. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us on IRC.