FoolFuuka 2.1.0

Here it is! After just a little over three years of on-and-off development, we can proudly announce our very first official stable release of FoolFuuka. Even though previous versions have been available with limited documentation and support for quite some time, we never considered them as production quality releases compared to this release.

Anyway, since we consider this our first release, we won’t be generating a CHANGELOG with all the changes done between this release and the previous beta version. You can check out the git log for that instead. We’ve also updated our documentation with instructions on how to install FoolFuuka 2.1.0 onto your server or upgrade from 2.0.x-beta, and with a lot of new content as well.

Install Guide – Upgrade Guide

Please be sure to report any bugs encountered so that we can provide you with bugfixes/hotfixes. Also, we will be making an announcement regarding FoolFuuka Plugins soon.