Our Plans and Goals for 2015

Well, it’s been quite some time since our last blog post or any type of announcement from us. Although we’ve been fairly inactive these past few months, we would like to state that we aren’t planning to disappear any time soon. There are a few things we have planned for this year.

Since we’ve passed off the ownership of the Foolz Archive to the people over at archive.moe, we’ve had some time to relax and deal with some other issues. I would also like to point out that we, FoolCode/Foolz, do not own the archive at all. It is now being maintained by another individual that we know. The only thing we do with archive.moe is help maintain the software used to run the service. Other than that, we have nothing to do with the management of archive.moe.

I would also like to state that we have an even more limited amount of time available to work on these projects, but they will be worked on at an irregular pace than usual.


I would like to state that we will not be working on these projects at a regular pace but only when we have the time to do so. We have other obligations to fulfill which may impact the pace which development is done.


We plan to do a few minor things with this project. While development has been fairly stalled, we do intend to clear a few things off of our backlog and release the next version of FoolFuuka. However, we intend to at least do the following:

  • simplify install process
  • restructure app directories
  • add additional hooks and plugins
  • update documentation for developers


We plan to “deprecate” this in favor for the next iteration of this project and have no plans to maintain the code base any longer with the ongoing development of FoolSlide2.


This is the next iteration of FoolSlide with a completely new code base using our framework created for FoolFuuka. Our initial plans will be to achieve full feature parity with the the previous iteration. We intend to build upon that afterwards based on feature requests submitted by users through our GitHub repository.

SphinxQL Query Builder

This is strangely one of our most popular projects that is used by many other developers. We intend to keep it working and will update it on an as-needed basis. This also includes any issues reported or feature requests submitted through our GitHub repository.

Embracing Inexperienced and Experienced Contributors

We will be making some changes on how we handle development over the course of the year. One of our primary effort would be trying to make it easier for inexperienced developers to pick up our code and help contribute to the projects. This would be achieved through a number of things, but we hope to make it much easier by encouraging users to join our IRC channel and approaching us at any time for additional help. We will also be trying to improve our documentation so that the code can be understood. We just simply find it odd that users don’t try to reach us more often outside of the occasional installation “issues” with improperly configured servers.

Ditching Ask.fm Q&A

We’ve decided to ditch Ask.fm in favor of Retrospring. Why this sudden change? We felt that the design and direction Retrospring is taking allows us to do a bit more with Q&A than what’s available with Ask.fm. Also, we love to play with new projects that have interesting design principles and directions. We also love to support small time developers as well. There are a number of other issues we have with Ask.fm, but we won’t bother listing them. Either way, we can be reached through IRC, Twitter, and Retrospring from now on.

Foolz Boards Service

Yes, we acknowledge that we’ve been neglecting this service ever since we’ve dropped the Foolz Archive. However, we intend to do something about it since it does serve as a partial demo as well. For now, we’ve moved the search daemon and re-enabled the cronjob that updates the search indexes.  We’ve also allowed normal users to upload WebM files with audio upon numerous requests. There will be numerous other changes done as well, but those will be done and listed at another time.