Foolz Archive’s Farewell?

Today, we had a conversation about one of the services hosted and provided by us. It was in regards to the status of the Foolz Archive, which serves as an archive of content posted on 4chan.

We started to provide this service approximately 3 years ago following the aftermath of easymodo’s demise. It was one of those side projects one of us decided to pick up because it seemed interesting at the time and many of us wanted to preserve the data. While it lead us to some interesting things, it also gave us plenty of problems along the way.

As time passed, we continued to run into more problems as the service grew. This required us to constantly upgrade our servers to match the demand while remaining within our budget. However, there were times went we had to pay out of our own pockets to cover all of the fees. We began to grow detached fom the service and felt quite unmotivated to do anything related to maintaining the service’s uptime at times. It is just a constant battle of keeping the servers online because of the content being stored and served by our servers. There is the constant alerts and notifications from our hosting providers as well. It simply became a huge timesink to deal with all of these problems every few days and at odd hours.

While I do believe we did fairly well for sticking it out and keeping this service alive for about 3 years, we think it is time for us to move on. We simply don’t want to keep dealing with these issues constantly. We no longer have the motivation or any incentive to provide this service any longer. However, we would like to extend a thanks to Eksopl and Mayhem who gave us a hand over the years.

With that said, we are offering to transfer all service-related servers and ownership to any person/group interested in keeping the service running. This means that everything will be transferred as-is without requiring any extensive changes to be done.

I would also like to point out that the traffic generated by the Foolz Archive usually covers the server expenses most of the time with ads.

Essentially, we will be transferring ownership of the following::

  • backend: database server
  • backend: storage server
  • backend: web/index server
  • multiple front-end servers
  • limited service support

We will only take serious offers. If you are interested, feel free to contact us on IRC. We are not looking to provide separate dumps for each board, it is an all or nothing type of offer.

UPDATE: We might consider providing separate dumps at a much later time, but for now it is an all or nothing offer. This would be easier on both us and you. There is quite a bit that goes with generating a proper database dump and importing it properly. It is a time consuming processing and taxes the servers. Furthermore, the dump would be an uncompressed copy of the database. This would mean that the database dump of any board would actually be 3 or 4 times the reported size in our statistics.