Goodbye >>>/dev/!

Back in June of 2012, we created the >>>/dev/ board on the Foolz Archive. It was initially created so that our users can request new features to be implemented, report any issues encountered with our software and/or services, and get software support for software we’ve written. We’ve come across a number of issues with the current submission format for these topics and have decided that it’s time to shut it down for good.

Inefficient Feedback for Feature Requests

While we were able to implement some of the requests made on >>>/dev/, a majority of them remained in limbo and were never fully implemented at all. We also had a number of them requested multiple times, but lack of additional feedback in already existing threads/topics resulted in them going nowhere. This caused many of the feature requests to be marked as “dead”. Often times, our developers found it pointless to continue any discussion or visit the board since users rarely respond back and prefer to use IRC instead.

Lack of Bug/Issue/Service Reports

While a small number of users actually bothered to report any issues and/or problems they’ve encountered using our software and/or services to us on >>>/dev/, the majority of our users only mentioned them in public locations.

Now, we don’t mind being criticized or hated. We are fairly used to the abuse, but it would have been much more productive to direct them towards us on >>>/dev/ or through our varies forms of contact. This would allow us to come up with a solution for your complaint or at least try to come up with one. However, we are either forced to search the entire Foolz Archive and attempt to locate as many of these “complaints” as possible or try to encounter them ourselves. More often than any, many of the issues remain unaddressed.

Lack of Requests for Software Support

We barely get any requests asking for help with our software on the >>>/dev/ board. It mainly happens on our IRC channel instead. This really isn’t a majority issue for us since it is more efficient for us to provide them on IRC and is one of our preferred method of contact. However, most software support requests aren’t resolved on >>>/dev/ because of lack of notifications, slow response times, or the user forgets.

How can we be contacted now with >>>/dev/ gone?

We’ve always been available via IRC and e-mail. However, we’ve recently created a Twitter and account as well. We actually prefer being contacted through these options to get a quicker response from us in general. Simply put, if there is a problem with anything, contact us via IRC, e-mail, or Twitter. Otherwise, don’t expect us to address it in a timely manner until we run into the issue ourselves.