New Search Daemon Server

We have replaced Etna, the previous server which hosted the search engine, with our own server. This means that we now actually own the hardware running the search engine and won’t be sharing any resources with other services any longer.

A few years ago, a kind and generous anonymous user offered to host the search engine for us at no cost. It was so that we can minimize the amount of strain placed on our backend servers at the time and in the future. We kindly accepted his/her offer and were extremely grateful. This allowed us to minimize our monthly expenditure and focus on ensuring that our backend servers ran as smoothly as possible. However, the amount of resources required by the search engine increased rapidly over the years and began to generate issues for both our host, their users, and our own. While he/she was kind enough to deal with all the issues caused by us, we felt that it was time for us to deal with it ourselves and purchase a server to handle the search engine from now on.

Will there be any noticeable changes?

No. You shouldn’t notice much. We only disabled the max_children variable and allowed searchd to fork more processes to handle additional concurrent searches. The performance should be fairly the same but with less downtime. The only bottleneck we should encounter would be disk-bound since our search indexes are 100G+.

However, the only noticeable change on our side is the increase in our monthly expenses by 30€.