Monthly Archives: August 2014

New Archive Owner Found

The Foolz Archive has found a new owner. We’re current transferring ownership and contents to the new individual.

What you should know:

  • the archive won’t reside on the domain, it will be on a new domain
  • the archive won’t inherit the “Foolz Archive” name
  • the internal boards will not be transferred with the archive
  • we no longer own the archive and data any longer
  • we will continue to provide software support and updates to any archives using FoolFuuka
  • current mods, depending upon their decision, may or may not retain their privileges

Thanks to all individuals and groups who considered to continue this large project. We are no longer accepting any offers since our decision has been made.

Goodbye >>>/dev/!

Back in June of 2012, we created the >>>/dev/ board on the Foolz Archive. It was initially created so that our users can request new features to be implemented, report any issues encountered with our software and/or services, and get software support for software we’ve written. We’ve come across a number of issues with the current submission format for these topics and have decided that it’s time to shut it down for good.
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