Rebuilding Our Network – Part 4

I think we are finally done restructuring our entire network (for now). There are a few IPv6 that need to be resolved on our front-ends, but that should really be it for now. I would like to relocate our search daemon and place it on its own dedicated hardware to minimize some of our ongoing issues, but we lack the budget to fulfill that objective. However, there is a possibility of that changing in the future though. We will have to deal with the random service interruptions caused by the search daemon until then.

Front-End Changes

Nitori’s and Byakuren’s Retirement
Our US servers have been through a lot these past few years. Initially, we stationed a few servers in the US to help provide faster load times to the Western Hemisphere, but there were always random issues along the way. We have decided that it is time for us to retire both of these servers and bring all of our servers back to the EU/NL.

Revy’s Introduction
In place of Nitori and Byakuren, Revy will now be taking over and shall be serving content for the Western Hemisphere. This change would allow us to reduce our monthly costs again, but it shouldn’t impact anyone too much.