Rebuilding Our Network – Part 3

We are almost done with the restructuring process of our entire network. Anyway, there were some huge changes made to our network this past week. I will outline these changes and their affect below.

Front-End Changes

Tewi’s and Reisen’s Retirement
I believe we have had both of these servers for approximately three years. Compared to our other front-end servers, they were the most stable servers and had the highest uptime. We will surely miss them. Anyway, we will combine the tasks performed by these two servers with a single server.

Amaterasu’s Introduction
In place of Tewi and Reisen, Amaterasu will now be taking over and shall be serving content for the Eastern¬†Hemisphere. This change would allow us to reduce our monthly costs by a little, but it shouldn’t affect anyone too greatly.

Back-End Changes

Mamizou’s Retirement
After 365 days of continuous uptime, we are officially retiring Mamizou from our fleet of servers. Mamizou has had quite a long run, but it is now time for us to say goodbye. It served as our centralized server which contained all data, but with its retirement, things have changed.

Edea’s and Flonne’s Introduction
With the retirement of Mamizou, we needed something to take its place. Instead of using a single server as a multi-purpose machine like we’ve done before, we are now dividing the tasks accordingly. Edea will now serve as a database server while Flonne serves as our content/storage server. This allows us to allocate our resources more efficiently and store even more data than before.