Server Migration – Part 1: Database Server

You should expect some service interruptions or issues over the course of the next few days as well continue with our migration process. We don’t know if we will run into any issues, but we will try to minimize the amount of downtime as much as possible. You can read more of our report below.

I have broken down the entire process and recorded times into a table below. We did encounter a few issues that resulted extended the expected downtime by 30 minutes. Anyway, the entire process took a total of 2 hours instead of 1 hour and 30 minutes. (For the Foolz Archive, this meant that we missed approximately 2 hours of data as well.)

Time (UTC)Action
2014.06.10 10:00Began DB Migration Process
2014.06.10 10:02Initiated DB Shutdown
2014.06.10 10:12Completed Clean DB Shutdown
2014.06.10 10:13Creating DB Snapshot/Backup
2014.06.10 10:27Completed Snapshot/Backup
2014.06.10 10:30Began DB Transfer
2014.06.10 11:04Completed DB Transfer
2014.06.10 11:10Upgraded DB Files
2014.06.10 11:32Completed DB Configuration
2014.06.10 11:46Updated Software Configs
2014.06.10 11:50Completed DB Migration Process

We still have to do the content server, which should begin in 9 hours. We are still trying to work against the clock so that we can cancel our old server on the 13th. This means that we need to transfer over 3TB of data quickly! Anyway, you should follow our blog over the next few days to see whats going to happen.