Upcoming Changes to Foolz Archive

With our recent hardware update, we were able to make some additional changes to the Foolz Archive. First, I would like to point out that some of these upcoming changes are on a trial basis while others are permanent. All of these upcoming changes will be outlined below with additional details.

Additional Boards

Status: Permanent (?) – It will be subjected to the same conditions as all of our other boards.
The Foolz Archive will be adding the following boards to its long list of archived boards: /c/, /int/, /out/, and /po/. Why? In order to reduce some server costs for one of our staff members, we will be merging data from `TheDarkCave Archives` into our servers. While it is possible to have TheDarkCave continue hosting their archive, it would make more sense for us to merge it into the Foolz Archive instead since it will be hosted on the very same server. This will also allow our moderation team to manage these new boards and allow the maintainer of TheDarkCave Archives to do less work in making sure everything is running smoothly. We will also move the /neet/ board as well.

Additional Boards will enable Full Images

Status: Trial Basis
We will (temporarily) be enabling full image archival for the following board: /co/. While there may be a few reasons to enable full image archival for /co/, there are also a number of issues with doing so as well. Our primary concern is the additional workload incurred by such a decision. We receive dozens of takedown requests from corporations via email every week to remove images (thumbnails) containing their intellectual properties. Yes, they will go as far as requesting the removal of thumbnails to protect their content. Furthermore, these requests take time to process on our end as they go through a different screening process to ensure legitimacy and proper removal of said content. We will enable it and see how things go, but there is a possibility that we will reverse our decision and disable full image archival.

Extending Image Archival Life

Status: Permanent
With the increase in storage space, we will be able to keep full images even longer than our usual 3-6 months limit before they are purged from our servers. Now, we should be able to host a years worth of images per board or possibly even longer.