Rebuilding Our Network – Part 2

It’s ALL GOOD! We were able to gather enough funds (by the staff) to push forward with our plans of upgrading our outdated servers! It will take some time, but I will try my best to minimize the amount of downtime as much as possible. I can’t guarantee that it won’t go off without a hitch though. It is never easy migrating a large amount of data.

What should you expect?

DOWNTIME! We do need to take some things offline to migrate them to the new servers which includes the database. Anyway, we will be migrating all of our data in the following order:


In order to minimize the amount of downtime, we will need to move high priority software to our new content server and reconfigure them to use the new database server. Furthermore, we will not reconfigure any of the low priority services at this time. This will be held off until the entire migration is complete.

We consider the following HIGH PRIORITY:
– Foolz Archive
– Asagi Fetcher

We consider the following LOW PRIORITY:
– Blogs
– File Hosting


Since this contains all of the HIGHLY IMPORTANT data, we will need to shutdown our database server so that we can properly take a consistent snapshot of everything. This will allow us to do a binary copy of the entire data directory and allow us to load it without any problems right away on our new server. The only limitating factor that affects this is time it takes to transfer the data to the new server.

Once the database server is online and functional, we will then start Asagi and reload our front-end servers. This should allow you to access all HIGH PRIORITY services again. However, you may notice that many content is missing (404) such as images. This is mainly due to the fact that they haven’t been migrated yet and will take quite some time as it is a lot of data.


We will begin to migrate any remaining content to the new content server which includes the images and thumbnails for the Foolz Archive. Since this is approximately 3TB in size, it will take some time to completely move them all over.

When will this take place?

It will take place once we obtain the new servers and do the initial configuration. We understand that we are giving you a notice at the last minute, but we are working against the clock. If we are able to pull this entire migration off quickly (before the 13th), we will be able to avoid renewing our old server for an additional month.