Rebuilding Our Network – STALLED

I had initially planned to do some major changes to our backend infrastructure/network, but those plans fell through when the money was no longer available. No, it wasn’t because the money was stolen by some shifty staff member (since it is ONLY accessible to administrators). It was because the advertising company we used (VVM) is shutting down and won’t be paying us the full amount listed in our account. However, we were able to squeeze a small portion of the amount owed to us to cover some of the monthly expenses before they closed our account. I still haven’t seen any type of public announcement made by them that they would be shutting down either. Anyway, this will stall almost all of our plans to improve the quality of our services, but we have finally decided to make some minor changes as to how we run things here at Foolz.


Yes, we are FINALLY accepting donations after refusing to do so for many years now. Why the sudden change? Well, we wanted to avoid a bunch of issues that came along with donations and the fact that they aren’t feasible for any long-term solutions. Furthermore, we didn’t want anyone to impose their own VALUES, WANTS, and NEEDS onto us simply because they gave us money either. However, there are some short-term solutions that donations could help resolve though. One example would be offsetting all one-time costs of new hardware to replace the old hardware without increasing the monthly server costs incurred by much. The only stipulation with allowing donations to Foolz is that we have our own set of terms and conditions. This should allow us to run our services without having to deal with donors who feel that they should have preferable treatment. Furthermore, this would allow users who use any of our code to donate or toss money at us as thanks.

Hardware Upgrades (Unknown)

Well, this WOULD have been done some time this month, but as I have stated earlier, those plans had fallen through the cracks. However, that won’t stop us from aiming to get the new hardware at all. It will just take a lot longer to reach that goal. Anyway, I will be listing the specs of the “new hardware” that we will obtain once we can offset those one-time costs in the future.

Server Specifications (Mamizou vs Edea & Flonne)

Mamizou Edea (DB Server)Flonne (Content Server)
Intel® Core™ E3-1245v2Intel® Xeon® E3-1270v3Intel® Core™ i7-4770
2x240GB Intel SSD 520
2x3TB SATA 6GB/s 7200RPM
vs2x240GB SATA 6GB/s SSD4x4TB SATA 6GB/s 7200RPM
This table displays the server specifications of our current server (Mamizou) and possibly new servers.

We can afford the small increase in monthly incurred with the new hardware, but the one-time fees and an additional month of server costs with the current server to cover migration time is quite a lot to handle at once.

How would the new hardware affect us?

It will allow us to properly allocate resources to priority software without having to deal with sharing resources with everything.

This means that the database server would have access to all 32GB of RAM instead of 16GB to do calculations, reads, writes, and other operations. Furthermore, it would be able to fully utilize the CPU to process all of those operations as well. It will no longer need to deal with the load generated by Asagi (the 4chan fetcher), web server, or HHVM.

The content server would have the sole purpose of handling nginx (the web server), HHVM, in-memory cache, and complete storage of all content material as well. HHVM will no longer need to compete with our database for CPU load and we will have about 16GB of RAM to deal with in-memory cache and implement some smarter caching as well. We would also be able to run a replication on our database server as well to minimize the need for manual backups. Furthermore, more space means more data that can be stored!

Basically, we should be able to serve content faster and handle even more requests. Who doesn’t like decreasing the amount of time it takes to generate pages and load them?

Anyway, I do love new hardware and playing with all of the servers I maintain. We could even possibly host that new MangaUpdates replacement site that has been in development since last December by someone we know.