Routine Server Maintenance

Just like any other service provider, our servers and hardware require periodic maintenance as well. This means that we will need to be able to disable access to any of our servers and/or take down any hosted services while we perform the maintenance. This will result in an interruption of services and downtime until the entire process is complete. We have decided to designate two separate days of the year to perform these server maintenance. They will be performed each year on the second Saturday of February and August.

Why? This is to ensure that all of our servers are running at optimum performance and to resolve any potential server issues located as well. It would be better for everyone that we have scheduled downtime instead of dealing with unexpected emergency maintenance all the time. This does not mean that emergency maintenance won’t occur in the future, but it should minimize the need to issue one.

I would also like to clarify that this only pertains to the server and hardware only. It does not include any software upgrades and modifications may result in downtime. However, if we do expect any downtime due to these (software) upgrades, we will notify everyone a week before its scheduled date.

Note: If we do need to delay or push back our set routine maintenance for any reason, we will create a new blog post stating the new scheduled date.