Monthly Archives: July 2013

The Curse of /v/!

It seems that yet another archive has fallen at the hands of /v/. This would officially make LiO (Love is Over) the second archive that attempted to pick up the board for its community since we disabled public access to it a few months ago. However, we do appreciate the fact that they have kept it online quite longer than the previous administrator and actually provided a reason for shutting down.
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Routine Server Maintenance

Just like any other service provider, our servers and hardware require periodic maintenance as well. This means that we will need to be able to disable access to any of our servers and/or take down any hosted services while we perform the maintenance. This will result in an interruption of services and downtime until the entire process is complete. We have decided to designate two separate days of the year to perform these server maintenance. They will be performed each year on the second Saturday of February and August.
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